BMW Drive for Team USA Event Marketing

BMW Drive for Team USA Winter Games Event Marketing

Support Team USA while bringing in more customers
DPS has partnered with BMW to present the "BMW Drive for Team USA" sales event. This event will be advertised nationally during the 2014 Winter Games, giving your dealership an unprecedented chance to invite customers to test drive any of your fantastic vehicles. If they do so, BMW will make a donation to Team USA and each customer that participates in the BMW Drive for Team USA event will receive an incentive toward the purchase of a brand new BMW.

Capitalize on BMW's national advertising
BMW's investment has barred many of its (and your) rivals from advertising during this year's Winter Games, BMW the chance to broadcast their message without any interruption from Mercedes-Benz or Audi. This means that you, at the individual dealership level, can capitalize on this advertising monopoly. Dealer Product Services wants to help you keep the sales momentum going after the Winter Games in January and February and to encourage consumers to come into BMW centers just like yours. This major event will help you launch the redesigned BMW X5 and other vehicles across the BMW model range.

Send your message across all channels
Only DPS can give your dealership the ability to broadcast your message across every medium at any time - whether consumers prefer their phones, social media, search engines, or direct mail. Dealer Product Services alone has unique strategic targeting capability thanks to a mix of DPS Marketing Solutions.

These solutions include:

  • Campaign Marketing - Your marketing literature will end up in the right mailboxes through our direct mail solution
  • CSI - Contact potential customers via phone our Telephony Solution
  • eBlitz - Send out BMW Drive for Team USA emails utilizing our targeted eMail Marketing solution that targets only potential customers already interested in the BMW brand
  • Event Marketing - You can utilize our Business Development Managers to make sure the event goes flawlessly at your dealership, building a positive relationship with new and existing customers
  • Search Engine Marketing - Create Happier New Year transactional PPC campaigns so your message is seen every time they log on
  • Social Media Marketing - Increase your total BMW Drive for Team USA advertising reach via a complete, monthlong Socialbyte Social Media campaign on Facebook and Twitter

Begin lifelong customer relationships
By working with us for these Winter Games, you can turn BMW's national marketing into real dollars for your individual dealership at the local level. With our a la carte options, you can reinforce national advertising messaging and drive customers into your your dealership. Plus, DPS' targeted marketing solutions can seek out only the most receptive customers who are ready to buy your BMW automobiles.