BMW First and Goal Event

BMW First and Goal Event Marketing

We have your blind side covered
DPS is proudly partnering with BMW to roll out the fall marketing campaign called BMW First and Goal. The First and Goal Sales Event promotes the entire BMW lineup and will be nationally advertised from late October through November.

Targeted messaging, better ROI
Our targeted marketing solution allows you to complement the national campaign through our multi-channel marketing solution. We will sell your campaign to customers who are ready to buy and service their BMWs. We can provide you with a personal event coordinator, a conquest list, invitations, email invites as phone invitations. We have this strategic targeting capability through a mix of DPS Marketing Solutions including:

  • CSI - Call your best customers as well as conquest customers already in the market with our CSI Solution
  • Event Marketing - You can utilize our BDC Managers to make sure the First and Goal Event at your dealership goes flawlessly, building a positive relationship with new and existing customers
  • Search Engine Marketing - Target your transactional PPC search campaigns specifically created for the First and Goal Sales Event
  • Campaign Marketing - Make sure your marketing literature ends up in the right mailboxes through our directed mail solution
  • eBlitz - Send out BMW First and Goal emails utilizing our targeted eMail Marketing solution that seeks out only potential buyers who are already interested in the event

Turn one sales event into a lifelong relationship
Turn BMW's marketing efforts into real dollars for your individual dealership. With our a la carte options, you can reinforce the national campaign's messaging and drive customers to your doors. Plus, with DPS's own targeted marketing solutions, only the best customers will receive that personalized messaging, so you'll get customers, not browsers. It's like target practice with a sniper rifle instead of a shotgun. All you have to do is enjoy the returns from the best luxury OEM fall sales event.