BMW Happier New Year Event

BMW Happier New Year Event Marketing

'Tis the Season for crushing last year's sales numbers
Dealer Product Services is now working in conjunction with BMW to create the winter automotive marketing campaign called "The BMW Happier New Year Event." This sales event, much like the BMW First and Goal Event is a nationwide advertising campaign that promotes the entire BMW lineup. However, this event has New Year's and Holiday messaging. This event will be nationally advertised in November and December.

Broadcast your message, capitalize on your investment
With DPS' help, your individual dealership or dealer group can take advantage of BMW's national campaign by complementing their messaging with local advertisements that match both the look and feel of the Happier New Year Event campaign. Plus, with our extensive portfolio of targeted marketing solutions, you can broadcast your messaging in several different formats while sending your unique messaging only to the most receptive consumers. In other words, we will sell your campaign only to customers who are ready to buy and service their BMWs - cutting your costs and making your advertising efforts more effective. We can provide you with everything, from a personal event coordinator, conquest list to email and phone invitations. Only DPS has this strategic targeting capability thanks to a mix of DPS Marketing Solutions including:

  • CSI - Contact potential customers via phone our Telephony Solution
  • Event Marketing - You can utilize our BDC Managers to make sure the event goes flawlessly at your dealership, building a positive relationship with new and existing customers
  • Search Engine Marketing - Create Happier New Year transactional PPC campaigns so your message is seen every time they log on
  • Campaign Marketing - Your marketing literature will end up in the right mailboxes through our direct mail solution
  • eBlitz - Send out BMW First and Goal emails utilizing our targeted eMail Marketing solution that seeks out only potential buyers who are already interested in your brand
  • Socialbyte - Increase your total advertising reach via Social Media ads on Facebook and Twitter

Begin lifelong customer relationships
By working with DPS, you can turn BMW's marketing efforts into real dollars for your individual dealership. With our a la carte options, you can reinforce the national campaign's messaging and drive customers to your doors. Plus, DPS' targeted marketing solutions target the most receptive customers. At Dealer Product Services, our goal is to bring customers to your doors, not just browsers. With our help, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the returns.