IP Direct

IP Direct from DPS

Move beyond the cookie and into a whole new marketing world!
For decades, digital marketing has worked purely on the principle of placing cookies, gathering data, and making educated guesses on the wants and needs of potential customers. For years, the digital marketing industry has been steadily improving its cookies gathering more and more data, but there's always been a disconnect between the data and the end consumer.

Now, with DPS's IP Direct solution, the time for guessing is over.

DPS harvests IP addresses from homes, buildings and businesses, matching them with true, real world addresses and locations for a true, 1:1 relationship between the physical world that we live and buy in and the digital world. These are your typical display advertising campaigns - these are display advertising campaigns where you can all but guarantee true targeting with its intended audience. This incredible technology allows us to deliver relevant content in a way that even digital marketers couldn't have dreamed of just a few short years ago.

IP Direct Benefits Over Traditional Digital Advertising

  • Target homes of potential customers, matching them with customer databases
  • Target Large Buildings such as businesses and campuses for customized messaging
  • Average CTRs nearly 300% over industry standards
  • Ability to track customers from initial ad through real-world purchase with List Targeting campaigns

Think beyond the cookie
While a huge majority of online marketing tools utilize cookies, IP Direct is different. Using the harvested IP addresses, we match the addresses to the physical locations, ensuring that you don't get bots skewing digital campaign results. Sound too good to be true? It's not.

In the beginning, DPS was a database company, and we've built upon that history to deliver our customers a tremendous library of data that can be scrubbed, sorted, many different ways. Traditional mail drops have had a lasting on the automotive marketing industry. Now, with our IP harvesting techniques, you can match mail drops with the same targeted artwork to the same targeted physical location and its corresponding IP address. It's as if we took mail drops and finally placed them in the digital age.

Welcome to the future. The future is now.