Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is always rewarded with DPS

Customer loyalty is a precious commodity in all facets of commerce. Nurture your customers with like other major retailers do with Dealer Product Services' Loyalty Programs. We'll keep your finest customers coming back as it has proven to be one of DPS' most popular Solutions for three simple, but all-important reasons: it builds customer loyalty, engagement, and speeds up transactions at the point of purchase.

Customer Loyalty Redefined

Even the most difficult customers have a weakness and when you unlock it, they're yours forever. Keep them coming back with our customer nurturing programs like:

  • Customer Rewards Certificates

    Each time a customer has service performed, they earn a percentage of their Customer Pay spend towards a reward certificate redeemable at your dealership for service, accessories or parts

  • Key Tags

    Recognize customers in your Loyalty Program with highly-visible, laminated tag that customers easily attach to their keyring, serving as your advertising in the pocket of every customer.

  • Club Cards

    Club Cards are mailed to a group of customers who meet specific criteria to qualify them for additional discounts

Enjoy the rewards of loyal customers

From improved customer satisfaction to additional service and sales opportunities to higher customer spends, it won't be long before you start seeing a return on your Loyalty Program investment at your dealership. Plus, with DPS, you can track the success of each program with comprehensive program reporting.