MyOwnAuto App

MyOwnAuto Dealer App

Increase your dealer's digital footprint with a customized app
Catapult your business into the digital age and ensure that you are never more than a swipe away from your customers' eyes with the MyOwnAuto dealership marketing app. This intuitive app allows businesses to increase their digital footprint by creating sleek, custom iPad, iPhone and Android apps for a variety of purposes. Our marketing scientists created this app with one direction in mind: getting your business into the pockets and in front of the eyes of every one of your potential customers.

Refined mobile experience, increased customer leads
What sets this app apart from competitors is its sleek, modern interface. Apps are only as strong as their programming and we put a lot of care and effort into making sure that users won't be disappointed with the interface. This app is completely custom to each and every dealer that uses it. We can build it with advanced features including:

  • Chat functions to communicate directly with the dealer
  • Native scheduler with customizable options for both iOS and Android devices
  • Mobile wallets with geo-fencing capabilities
  • Real-Time Inventory Tool
  • Service Retention Tool that alerts customers when their vehicle's service is finished
  • Car Finder, Parking Finder, Flashlight and other features

Ease of use means increased leads for dealers
So what do these end-user features mean for dealers? It means increased through-put and more appointments for service, increased sales for the front end, as well as yet another avenue for your business to get its name into the minds of prospective customers. Ease of use is the name of the game today - and this app is the way you can get your business into the phones and into the lives of prospective customers.

The DPS MyOwnAuto app has it all - and it's ready to go with your name on it.