Service Connect / OneView

Service Connect

Packing the power of traditional marketing
Ever wondered how you can get the best traditional marketing solutions without having to piecemeal it all together? That's easy - ServiceConnect is your answer. ServiceConnect, also known as OneView for non-BMW OEMs, is DPS' multi-channel marketing program specificially created for dealership sales and service departments. By utilizing the proven marketing tools of direct mail, email and voice mail, ServiceConnect / OneView can help you build your bottom line and build lasting relationships with your customers. In other words, ServiceConnect has been engineered to provide you a competitive advantage at every turn over other car dealerships in your area. Crush your competitors by partnering with DPS and our world-class data management technology.

ServiceConnect gives you:

  • Consultation - A DPS Business Development Manager visits you monthly to review results and suggest ways to enhance results so you can maximize ROI
  • Flexible Structure - Choose your creative and mail formats to increase your return rates
  • Personalized Design - Our professional design staff creates customized mailers, emails and phone messages just for your dealership's unique customer base
  • Robust Reporting - Track every facet of the data so you'll know the program's effectiveness