CSI Solutions - CSI and eCSI


Survey the wilderness
Like it or not, CSI is the lifeblood of auto dealerships. OEMs use customer satisfaction surveys to grade your dealership and its staff on a daily basis. Get ahead of CSI with our exclusive eMail Customer Satisfaction Survey program - better known as eCSI. Increase CSI participation and your dealership's survey scores by giving your staff the time to address potential issues before customers are surveyed by your OEM.

CSI for today's world
Motivate happy customers to take CSI surveys by posting reviews as soon as they come in. Plus, by working via email, the likelihood of customer survey completion improves tremendously. How? Your customers don't have to go to another website, instead, they can simply answer with a simple email-based survey. Besides, with eCSI, your customer's great experience is still fresh in their mind - helping your scores and keeping your dealership in good standing with your OEM.

Own their email accounts and their telephones
Not only do we have email-based eCSI, we also have a more traditional telephony-based CSI solution not only allows your dealership to get ahead of potential customer issues, but correct them. DPS has a full team of trained call source representatives ready to answer your customers' questions and address their concerns. This allows your dealership to make both inbound and outbound calls with live agents, not recordings, ensuring better appointment scheduling, better CSI survey scores and more sales leads for your dealership.