Event Marketing

Dealership Event Marketing

Get your customers involved - one event at a time
Keeping your customers involved is a difficult prospect to juggle while you're worrying about meeting sales and service goals. But it's been proven that Dealership Events and service clinics are key to Fixed Operations success at every type of dealership. By building customer involvement, Dealership Events can deliver additional customer pay, parts and service revenues. Plus, it can keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high. Don't have time to create an event on your own? Let Dealer Product Services handle all that.

Building strong relationships with turn-key solutions
DPS offers complete service clinics where we manage the entire process from start to finish. All your dealership's staff has to do is simply focus on servicing and selling automobiles. DPS handles absolutely everything - from helping select the invitees to mailing the invitations to scheduling the appointments. We'll even follow up with declined invitees to capture post-event revenue. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the returns.

Capitalize on OEM national advertising campaigns
OEM national advertising campaigns can drive huge numbers of potential customers into your dealership. These campaigns give you the chance make the OEM's national advertising work to your advantage. However, these campaigns can give your dealership the perfect opportunity to capitalize on new customers, but can also overwhelm your existing staff. If you create a dealership event that coordinates with a national event, you can not only better serve those new potential customers with help from the DPS staff, you can also create new lifelong customers with our fun and informative clinics. Our patented Dealership Events are where opportunity and preparation truly meet for excellent results.